Perci Piétro is of Persian and Italian descent, was born in New York City and spent his younger years being educated in the United States as well as abroad. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi with some background in French and Italian. He attained a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Biology, Pre-Medical and a Master Of Business Administration Degree with a specialization in International Management.

Mr. Piétro is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of OWN Realty and OWN Financial on Brickell Avenue in Miami, Florida, an area known as the second largest financial district in the United States after New York City’s famed Wall Street. OWN has the unique practice of being a full service, luxury, international brokerage with associates assisting clientele in residential and commercial sales and leasing, business sales, mergers and acquisitions, immigration and consulting on the American Riviera.

In establishing OWN, Mr. Piétro revolutionized the industry by creating a One World Network, linking different real estate industry brokerage brands from around the world under one umbrella, for collaboration in business and creating synergy, despite varying customs. He also pioneered a Global Matching system via the Internet, designed to pair international buyers of Miami real estate with his firm’s various multilingual associates.

With his personal clients, Mr. Piétro especially enjoys providing consultation to leaders in business, dignitaries and diplomats on a global level, which enables him to pursue his passion for international travel and interaction with people from diverse cultures. Coming from an aristocratic background, affords Mr. Piétro the ability to understand the needs of these unique types of clients from their perspective, in providing service and discretion.

OWN offers clientele a full service experience, assisting throughout every step of the transaction. Mr. Piétro and his team recognize that in selling or purchasing a property or business, many other factors might come into play with each decision such as legal and title services, financing, accounting, architectural and interior design, renovation, schooling, utilities and maintenance, just to name a few. This is why OWN provides a multi-solution platform where associates are committed to the needs of the client each step of the way, coordinating everything from initial introduction, to handing over of the keys.

“ As we endeavor forward with OWN, we do so dealing with integrity, etiquette and style, while remembering what Abraham Lincoln once said, ‛ the best way to predict the future is to create it ’ ” says Piétro. OWN with distinction...



Miami is the number one international market in the United States of America for buyers of real estate from all corners of the globe; however, they come for many different reasons. Individuals from some countries invest in America due to the strength of their home currencies and economies in relation to that of the U.S., while others come to get a measure of security both for their investments as well as their families offered under our stable government. Many people simply move to the States for education and a more liberated way of life and what better place than a multicultural melting pot with year round tropical weather known as Miami. Being located in Florida, Miami is a unique state which offers buyers a Homestead tax exemption and protection against debtors on their primary residence. Florida also has no personal state income or inheritance tax.

Another reason people come to the United States is not only to visit but to establish citizenship for themselves and their families. U.S. immigration laws allow foreign nationals to obtain a Visa through such programs as the L-1, E-2 and EB-5. Individuals living offshore have the ability to invest in a new business or an existing business in the United States and in some cases by creating a certain number of jobs, achieve residency status. Some of these programs require the applicant to demonstrate the intent to be a resident and purchasing property through the assistance of an OWN Realty associate, is one of the best ways to establish that intent. With OWN Financial, those individuals with Visa ambitions, will be matched with a firm business broker to identify an opportunity and then paired with one of our partner immigration legal and accounting firms for further consulting on the process. “After the subprime mortgage crisis real estate sales across the country were down approximately eight percent, while Miami real estate was up about fifty four percent year over year due to international buyers coming in and paying cash” says Piétro.



The Persian Princess International Collection of OWN Realty is an assortment of uniquely exquisite properties, in select cities across the globe. Most popular with OWN Realty clients traveling abroad, are the rental opportunities which allow individuals to chose from our portfolio of properties in over two dozen un-common, unique cities. What we mean by “un-common” is when someone travels to Spain they might visit Madrid or Barcelona, while we offer a stay in Jerez de la Frontera the birthplace of Flamenco. Should someone wish to visit the Middle East, they might visit Dubai, while we offer a stay in Baku, Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea where the best Caviar in the world comes from. If a family wants to go to the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe, they most likely would visit Prague and we would offer a visit to our property in Karlovy Vary know for being an exclusive spa town and having the most famous mineral springs in the region. Our team coordinates acquisitions and oversees renovation, interior design and management of each custom property. “The concept is to offer affordable domestic and international rental opportunities for individuals and corporations with care, for people to enjoy in elegance and style” says Piétro.

THE INSPIRATION: The name Persian Princess International was inspired by Perci Piétro’s (Prince Percia Piétrolungo) grandmother Princess Akram Saremi “Shahzadeh Khanoum Akram Sadat Sarem Al-Saltaneh” and his mother Princess Shanaz Shakoori M.D. (Shahzadeh Khanoum Shahnaz Shakoori) of an ancient royal family history, as direct descendants of the Qajar Dynasty of Turkic origins first settling in Azerbaijan. (The Khazars, were a Turkic people who had originated in Central Asia and settled in cities and towns that they built throughout the North Caucasus and Eastern Ukraine. Kiev, the capital city of modern Ukraine, was largely founded by the Khazars. The name Kiev is a Turkic name, Ki = riverbank and ev = settlement. The Khazars had a tradition of religious tolerance by adopting Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all of which were influenced by the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism in the 6th century BCE. The Khazars also settled the Caspian Sea which is still referred to today by the Persians and the Turks as the Sea of the Khazar.)

Under the empire of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the realm of many kings was unified under one kingdom known as Persia and its new Shahanshah “King of Kings” who’s family ruled for over a century from 1785-1925. The Persian Empire was once the largest known to man, one of the oldest civilizations dating back to 3200BC and spanned across much of the earth. When we think of Persia or modern day Iran, we speak of such things as the Persian Gulf, a Persian Cat, a Persian Carpet, the birthplace of wine and the sport of Polo, perhaps overlooking many significant elements of the country's Indo-European cultural heritage.

Dr. Shakoori’s grandfather Sadegh Saremi “Sarem Al-Saltaneh Sardar Nasser Talesh” was the Vali, Hakim and Monarch of Northern Persia, regions as Azerbaijan, Gilan and Mazandaran consisting of cities as Ardabil, Astara, Namin, Rasht and Talesh just to name a few, before he was killed when the State was split by conflict with the Soviet Union. In 1925 Reza Shah Pahlavi a military leader under the Qajars, with an unprecedented vote in Parliament (Majlis), as a formal “coup ď état” of sorts, a subversion of the county’s constitution and contrary to the recommendation of the Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, overthrew the young Ahmad Shah, the last of the Qajars, beginning the Pahlavi Dynasty. Along with the Persian ambassador to Germany, the new king influenced the change of the name Persia to IRAN in 1935 to mean “Land of the Aryans” (Aryanism was equated as the highest level of human civilization). In 1941, Reza Shah was forced to abdicate to his son Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi . Dr. Shakoori’s father Jalil Shakoori, from the same regiment as Mohammad Reza Shah, became one of the top Colonels under the new Shah of what was now IRAN. When the Shah married his first wife Princess Fawzia of Egypt, he named his eldest daughter Shahnaz which meant “love of the King”. General Shakoori then named his eldest daughter Shahnaz in kind out of respect and admiration for his king.

Later, Dr. Shakoori moved to the United States of America, became one of the few female surgeons at that time and brought her mother and four sisters to join her in New York City. Years after in 1979, the last Shah was overthrown as a result of the revolution perhaps for changing the Islamic Calendar from a focus on the prophet Mohammed, to an Imperial one with attention to Cyrus the Great the father of ancient Persia. By hosting lavish festivals at Persepolis such as the 2500th anniversary of the founding of the Iranian Monarchy, similar to the ones hosted by Darius the Great in Zoroastrian tradition, on the first day of Spring, of the solar year March 21st for the Persian New Year, known as “Norooz” (which is also Dr.Shakoori’s mother’s birthday), he seemed to add to his disfavor with his people forcing him to eventually flee to Egypt where he died in 1980. After some time in Iran, Colonel Shakoori eventually passed as well.

In New York City Dr. Shakoori married an Italian man, Dominick Piétrolungo and named her only son Percia out of affection for her country. He was born “Shahzadeh” a Prince of Persia in America as a great grandson of Mozaffar Al-Din Shah Qajar, King of Kings and Sultan of Persia from 1853 to 1907 …

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