This is Miami. A city the news editor of Vogue magazine called one of the seven great cities of the United States. The "Crossroads City of the Americas," served by more international airline flights to and from Latin America and Europe than any other city in the U.S., including New York. This is a city that welcomes visitors from every corner of the world. Miami is a destination for celebrities and movie stars as well as just families looking for a place to relax on a sunny beach. Jackie Gleason once referred to it as, "The sun and fun capital of the world," with magnificent year-round weather, perfect beaches, gin-clear water, glamorous yachts and water sports of every sort. The city has a broad spectrum of cultural happenings from museums, art shows and Broadway plays, to ballet, opera and the symphony. There are world class sporting events such as professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball, as well as horse racing, golf tournaments and tennis events. Miami has a cruise ship port which has grown overnight into the largest in the world and a financial district with banks from the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Far East. An abundance of marvelous boutiques and shopping malls, with the biggest names in retail: Saks, Neiman-Marcus, Tiffany’s, Bulgari, Gucci and Prada can also be seen, as well as exceptional restaurants for every taste. Miami is comprised of the excitement of Coconut Grove, the charm of Coral Gables, the exuberance of Downtown Miami and the uplifting lifestyle of South Beach.

It is the youthful, exciting, invigorating, pulsating and vibrant center of the Americas. A jumping off point to all of Florida, including the entertainment center of the universe, Orlando’s Walt Disney World , the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Miami is what the American Journal called, "The essence of the electric chic." It is a hint of margaritas and models, families and fashion photographers, international designers and local hot spots. It is a rendezvous for trendsetters and is often referred to as "The Quintessential American Riviera," one of the few places in the U.S. that captures the international flavor of Rio de Janeiro, Marbella and St. Tropez all in one. It’s a place of cotton candy architecture and art deco charm. Miami has twenty city blocks listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to Edward Villella’s Miami City Ballet. There are beachfront concerts by Luciano Pavarotti and an abundance of shows at the Jackie Gleason Theater of Performing Arts. Luxurious hotels like Fontainebleau, Loews, Tides, Delano and Shore Club can also be seen along the coast. Miami is salsa, wind-surfing, water-skiing, midnight strolls, swaying palms, people watching and a pleasing mix of languages from across the globe. As Travel & Leisure magazine points out, "The quarter that captures the imagination of visitors, through, is a 10-blockstrip of hotels and restaurants along Ocean Drive, facing the beach." It is the heartbeat of South Beach.

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