OWN Realty emphasizes the importance for associates to display an unwavering commitment toward professionalism. Our agents show an ability to work with all types of individuals equally without prejudice, displaying an extraordinary amount of knowledge, experience and connections. Many of our company associates speak multiple languages and represent various diverse cultural backgrounds. OWN and its associates have the goal in mind to give exceptional service to those clients that want the best results in a reasonable amount of time.

Individuals having newly obtained Florida real estate licenses, when choosing a firm to practice with should consider many factors such as location, advertising, training, lead generation, brand, commission split and corporate vision just to name a few.

New associates to the real estate industry joining OWN are offered a mentorship program in which a junior level realtor will be guided through each step of the purchase and sale process by one of our firm’s senior level professionals for a more hands on experience.

Part time associates with OWN have the ability to participate in our referral program, allowing real estate professionals having to work another salaried, full time jobs to collaborate with an experienced OWN team member to generate referral commissions by presenting clients.

All associates part of the OWN family receive a 90% COMMISION SPLIT ON ALL SALES AND RENTALS WITHOUT ANY FEES. More often than not real estate brokerages will offer a less competitive commission split to associates, claiming that they will be part of a large brand which will provide leads. Later associates are surprised to find this not to be the case when leads are given to only certain individuals with close ties to ownership or management.

All real estate professionals are independent contractors no matter which firm they are employed with and are responsible for creating and maintaining a business. Once an associate has become seasoned in the practice of real estate, it no longer makes sense for he or she to give away in some cases as much as half of their commission to a firm trying to sustain high overhead costs. This is why OWN Realty is a unique real estate brokerage which allows all of its professionals to keep the majority of the money they earn.

 "A happy associate is a productive one which is why we keep our costs low in order to pass additional savings back to our people" says Piétro.

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