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At OWN Realty one of the most important commitments is to the needs of the client. In clear terms, “Our Client’s Needs Come First”. OWN Realty associates are the most diverse and dynamic in the industry with great attention to detail as it pertains to all whom they work with. However, should an associate with another firm be better suited then ours to address the requirements of a client based on such criteria as language, availability or areas of expertise, we will refer the business out even if it means potentially losing that client in order to maximize service to that individual. It should be known, that although this is a company credo, we have never lost a client to another firm due to lack of knowledge, care or performance. “Doing right by people inevitably leads to success since real estate like any other industry is about people and word travels fast” says Piétro.

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Metric Conversion
From To Multiply by
sq feet sq centimetres  929.03
sq centimetres sq feet 0.001076
sq metres sq feet 10.76
sq feet sq metres 0.0929
sq yards sq metres 0.8361
sq metres sq yards 1.196
sq miles sq kilometres 2.5899
sq kilometres sq miles 0.3861
acres hectares 0.4047
hectares acres 2.471

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