At OWN Realty | OWN Financial we realize that times are ever changing, which is why as the dynamic of the market shifts, it is so important to be able adapt to new market conditions. Multiple listing options are just another way as a firm we are striving to understand and go above and beyond to work with clients to give more options to fit individual needs and lifestyle. This is why OWN company associates are uniquely allowed the flexibility of customizing a listing option to best suit the needs of the client. Sellers of real property as well as business, work with an OWN associate to design a listing Method, term and payment to best fit the parameters of that individual. When a listing is taken, clientele identify if a conventional or up front listing option is preferred, if the client or associate will be showing the property, a productive number of listing months and a reasonable commission amount based on the time involved. Once all parties are in agreement and the terms are approved by OWN company management the opportunity is photographed and listed.

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Metric Conversion
From To Multiply by
sq feet sq centimetres  929.03
sq centimetres sq feet 0.001076
sq metres sq feet 10.76
sq feet sq metres 0.0929
sq yards sq metres 0.8361
sq metres sq yards 1.196
sq miles sq kilometres 2.5899
sq kilometres sq miles 0.3861
acres hectares 0.4047
hectares acres 2.471

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